We cover the full spectrum of electioneering and political strategy through Triple-I framework


The past experience and the traditional know-how works together with the technology elements to provide a multi-dimensional, detailed, exhaustive and accurate electioneering intelligence required to secure a sure-shot win for our client

  1. Ground Research & Surveys
  2. Party positioning & Leadership Analysis
  3. SWOT of Contestants
  4. Voter Need & Affinity Analysis
  5. Social Engineering
  6. Identification of Local Issues
  7. Local Influencers Identification
  8. Voter Data Accuracy
  9. Past Poll Performance and Swing Analysis


IMAGE BUILDING We dress up the product in the best package – Yes, you are our product and we know how best to sell you. Starting from managing your personal image to maintaining a positive digital image, we do it all and we know how best to create and elevate your public persona

  1. Social Media & Online Reputation Management
  2. Content Strategy
  3. Communication Strategy
  4. PR Services
  5. Counter Measures
  6. Branding Collaterals
  7. Event Management & Planning
  8. Visibility Analysis
  9. Press Kit


Implementing our strategy involves dynamic multi-channel outreach, tailoring personalized messages using intelligence-driven insights. Real-time data guides decision-making, enabling adaptive crisis management and optimized digital campaigns. We strategically plan public appearances, aligning personal image with campaign values. Grassroots mobilization targets key influencers, while compelling storytelling reinforces positive narratives. Continuous monitoring ensures effective strategy, fostering collaboration within the team for maximum efficiency. With data at the core, our implementation ensures a nuanced, responsive, and resonant political campaign that builds a powerful and enduring public image

  1. War Room Management
  2. Coordination Team setup & Management
  3. Constituency Campaign Management
  4. Constituency Manifesto creation & Proliferation
  5. Fund Raising & Distribution
  6. Crisis Creation & Conflict Management
  7. Legal & Mandatory compliances
  8. Poll Day Preparation
  9. Post Poll Management & Counting Coordination