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Our Works

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Race in 2014: Pioneering Election Strategies with Groundbreaking Social Media Presence

In 2014, RACE embarked on its journey to redefine political campaign management in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, we spearheaded groundbreaking electioneering strategies that set new benchmarks. From meticulous ground reports to comprehensive surveys, RACE played a pivotal role in shaping the electoral landscape. Our innovative approach extended to social media, where we established a robust online presence, fostering direct engagement with voters and amplifying our impact.


RACE's Impact in 2018: Elevating Campaign Management with Comprehensive Social Media Integration

The year 2018 witnessed RACE's continued dedication to excellence in political campaign management. Armed with insights from extensive surveys and ground reports, we meticulously planned and executed electioneering campaigns that resonated with the electorate. Leveraging the power of social media, our dynamic online presence amplified our reach, fostering meaningful connections between leaders and voters. RACE's unwavering commitment played a crucial role in shaping electoral outcomes and solidifying our position as trailblazers in the political consulting arena.


Setting the Bar in 2019: Unmatched Electioneering Expertise Across Platforms and Social Media Channels

In 2019, RACE reaffirmed its reputation as a trusted partner in political campaign management. Our comprehensive approach, from booth-level strategies to dynamic social media campaigns, showcased our adaptability and foresight. Grounded in a deep understanding of the political landscape, RACE played a pivotal role in shaping narratives and driving successful election outcomes. Social media became a cornerstone of our strategy, facilitating real-time engagement and amplifying our impact on voters. The trust placed in us by leaders and parties underscored our commitment to excellence.


RACE's Visionary Campaign Management Unleashed – Integrating Social Media Dynamics for Lasting Connections

As we stride into 2023, RACE continues to be at the forefront of electioneering excellence. Our journey has evolved, but our commitment to innovation remains unwavering. With an emphasis on leveraging technology, data analytics, and grassroots insights, RACE is pioneering a new era in political campaign management. Social media dynamics take center stage in our strategies, providing a platform for real-time engagement, fostering dialogue, and shaping public opinion. From the heart of the booths to the vast realm of social media, our strategies are geared towards not just winning elections but fostering lasting connections between leaders and their constituents.